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About us

We aim to promote community, entertainment and competitive spirit through various types of games and competitions. We strive to create a fun and inclusive environment where members can develop their gaming skills and compete in various activities.


 We love playing different types of games, including board games, card games, computer games and a wide range of other game genres. We organize game nights and tournaments to challenge each other and others in the association.


Vi is constantly on the lookout for new competition opportunities and participates in various events and tournaments, both within the gaming world and other areas such as sports or knowledge competitions.


We value teamwork and cooperation, especially when it comes to games that require strategy and coordination. Working together to achieve common goals is part of your gaming experience.

We strive for everyone to be helped to improve skills and knowledge in games and competitions. It can include learning new strategies, practicing and training to get better, and challenging each other to reach new levels of skill.

Crazy Kittens is also about creating strong friendships. Where you enjoy socializing outside of the games and build a close community where you share interests and experiences.

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